Discover the picturesque lakes of the Vosges

The Vosges massif, where Le Domaine des Messirescampsite is located, is one of France’s most popular vacation regions. Many holidaymakers come every year to hike, climb and, of course, swim in the crystal-clear mountain lakes. Discover the five most popular natural lakes in the heart of the Vosges.

  • Lake Gérardmer
  • Lac Blanc
  • Lake Longemer
  • Lac des Corbeaux
  • Lake Lispach

Disconnect and let yourself be carried away – the lakes of the Vosges invite all visitors to spend their vacations here and relax.

Lake Gérardmer

Gérardmer is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Vosges. The lake of the same name, with its wonderfully clear water, is impressive in its size. You can hike around the lake for around six kilometers or simply take a leisurely stroll.

While you can indulge in shopping in Gérardmer’s many boutiques, the lake is synonymous with refreshment stands and sporting activities. Try your hand at one of our many water sports!

The white lake

Lac Blanc presents itself to visitors as an impressive natural landscape in Alsace near the Kayserberg valley. Here you can go hiking or mountain biking. You’ll get your money’s worth if you’re a lover of the mountain’s original, untamed nature.

In addition to promising hiking trails, there are many sporting options around Lac Blanc, such as fishing. However, a fishing license is required.

A picnic at Lac de Longemer

A lake couldn’t be more romantic. Surrounded by wild nature, Lac de Longemer is the ideal place for a picnic for two, with family or friends. Sit under the trees by the lake and enjoy the many picnic tables reserved for visitors.

A walk along the small, signposted trails will awaken your spirit of discovery and show the beautiful Vosges countryside in all its splendour. In hot summers, Lac de Longemer offers welcome refreshment.

Le lac des corbeaux

Lac des Corbeaux is not just a destination for anglers from the Vosges. Located in the well-known commune of La Bresse, the lake is very popular in both summer and winter. Here you can swim in warm weather and use the frozen lake for ice skating in cold weather.

The glacial lake is a well-known meeting point for fishermen from near and far, as well as being a popular swimming spot. Don’t feel like fishing or swimming? Take a stroll around the lake, which only lasts about an hour. A little further away, but with a magnificent view, is Lake Rock, which you can reach on foot in around 1h30.

For botany lovers – Lac du Lispach

Not far from Lac des Corbeaux, Lac du Lispach rises to an altitude of 900 metres. This peat bog lake is a wonderful destination if you love botany and want to know more about peat bogs. An educational trail takes you around this lake in the Vosges while learning about life on the moors.

Whichever Vosges lakes you head for, you’ll immediately feel the tranquility of nature with its diverse flora and fauna as soon as you arrive. The mountain lakes of the Vosges generally have excellent water quality and are surrounded by magnificent mountain panoramas that make every stay something special.