Mountain biking in the Vosges

There are many marked trails in the Vosges for beginners or for those who like a big challenge ! Whether you’re looking for a simple hike or a more challenging route, the Vosges offers a wide variety of terrain and magnificent scenery. Discover the best courses near the Domaine des Messires campsite.

Tours from Xonrupt-Longemer

The signposted trails from Xonrupt-Longemer are a must in the Vosges. Be careful, though, as most of them require an advanced level.

From the wolf to Lake Lispach

This is a tough route, so unfailing physical fitness is a must.
You will pass through the following points:

  • The carved wooden wolf, the Croix Claudé shelter, the ski jump and the Lispach lake.
  • Total tour time is 3 hrs 55 min. You’ll also encounter two steep climbs.

From Chalet Les Champis to Lac de Retournemer

This mountain bike trail is designed for expert mountain bikers (with excellent endurance and riding skills).
Along the way you’ll discover :

Lac de Lispach, ski jump, Chalet Les Champis, Lac des Corbeaux and Lac de Retournemer, for a total of 37.9 km.

From Lake Lispach to the ski jump

This is a challenging mountain bike trail. You’ll need to be in top physical condition for the 4 hours 20 minutes . You’ll pass Longemer, Grouvelin, Lac de Lispach, the Croix Claudé shelter and the ski jump.

A total of 46.2 km of trails await you.

Tours from Gérardmer

Gérardmer’s mountain bike circuits are more ambivalent, offering trails that are both accessible and demanding. The choice is yours!

Mérelle Observatory

This is a trail for experts that takes you through Brücke, the Mérelle Observatory, Höhle and Kirche, with some very fast descents.
You’ll enjoy a 2.05-hour circuit covering a total distance of 24.7 km.

From Lac de Lispach to Lac de Retournemer

This is a 3 hr 10 min mountain bike trail, suitable for intermediate riders. It requires perfect mastery of the mountain bike. You’ll pass the Croix Claudé shelter, Longemer, Grouvelin, Lac de Lispach, the Wolf, the ski jump and, of course, Lac de Retournemer.
Take advantage of the 24% gradient at kilometer 17.

From Kirche to Brücke

This is an intermediate level course, which still requires a perfect general command. You’ll pass through Kirche, a rocky section and finally Brücke.
1 h 40 circuit for 26.9 km distance. But watch out for the steep climb at kilometer 22.

Other circuits

Discover other routes that are a challenge even for seasoned mountain bikers!

From Lac de Blanchemer to Lac de la Lande (La Sausse)

Anexpert circuit that once again requires excellent mountain bike skills. You’ll visit Col de Bramont, Lac de Blanchemer and Lac de la Lande, La Chaume de Schmargult farmhouse and Les Champis chalet.
You’ll enjoy superb views of both lakes during the 5.10-hour, 47.1-km route.

From Lake Lispach to the Wolf (La Cure)

An expert level is required for this course. You’ll start with the ski jump, then on to Lac de Lispach, the Croix Caudé shelter, Longermer, Grouvelin, le Loup and finally Lac des Corbeaux.
You’ll enjoy 4 hours 10 minutes of touring for a total of 47.8 km.

Lac des corbeaux (La Bresse)

This circuit is designed for all levels. You’ll mainly be skirting Lac des Corbeaux, with slight ascents and descents accessible to the most seasoned riders.
2 hrs 40 mins and 29.6 km to enjoy.